Saturday, 10 November 2012


The Presidental Showtime is over, so will things get better?
The same President has been voted back in office, so what is he going to do in the wake of the terrible events occurring to this Nation?

Obviously no one likes to see terrible disasters hitting Nations and the misery it causes for Millions of people. Our thoughts certainly go out to people caught up in these nasty events. However this question needs to be asked.

The Sandy 'Super-storm' was the worst ever recorded on the East Coast and the financial centre of the USA - was just one in a long line of "historic" catastrophes to hit the United States in the last 11 years. It follows right on the heels of one of the worst droughts ever recorded in America which occurred this summer - the most severe in more than half a century.

Quite a number of Christians are now asking whether the Lord has lifted His hand of protection off the USA and especially since September 9th 2011. Below is an astonishing list of major disasters that have occurred one after the other in America since that awful event in 2001….

2001 - TWIN TOWERS - The worst ever attack on American soil. The most shocking and devastating event in US living memory

2005 - HURRICANE KATRINA - The most destructive and expensive hurricane in US history.

2007 - MASSACRE AT VIRGINIA TECH - The worst school shooting in the history of the United States.

2007 - HOUSING CRISIS - Start of the worst (by far) housing crash in US history. Millions lose their homes across the nation.

2008 - FINANCIAL PANIC - The beginning of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. (still on-going).

2011 - TORNADO OUTBREAK - The largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded (Also the costliest and most devastating).

2012 - DROUGHT - The worst and most extensive US drought in more than half a century.

2012 - SUPER-STORM - A 1000-mile-wide hurricane that slams into New York and the East Coast harder than any ever recorded.

QUESTION - Is God allowing this terrible shaking in order to wake the nation from its deadly spiritual slumber? There was a time when America spread righteousness in the earth. But today the USA is the # 1 exporter of pornography and youth rebellion and homosexuality to the whole world. Does this have anything to do with what is happening? She has exported Coca Cola, McDonalds, Burger King and many other fast food operations that many of us would label Junk Food and along with that has been the Junk life style as well.

America is the ‘leader’ in so many things. Are there other reasons why she might be under judgment? (It is not that the USA is ‘worse’ than many other nations - but rather that she is a 'leader' in World events and influencing the whole earth with these things. It is this place of "leadership" that makes America a unique case).

Despite all the prayers from well-meaning religious groups, the US continues its slide into even more God dis-honouring practices and moral breakdown.

Great Empires of the past gradually fell apart because of similar lifestyles and ignoring of the ONLY TRUE GOD.

The Country will not improve until it REPENTS for what it has done to its own people and the World it influences. OUR LORD GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED

Keep praying that the Lord will give the commanding call soon.

Bless you



  1. This is NOT "Gospel" [as it were], but in my WEE opinion, if I could think of any reasons why God IS pouring Judgement out upon the USA, it would be for 3 reasons:

    1. The 1962 expulsion of God from public schools [my own dad (also my own pastor) used to come to our Laboratory School and tell us about Jesus at Easter time]. After 1962, it ended.

    2. The 57 million murdered fetuses from abortions, since the 1973 legalization.

    3. The homosexual/pedophile/pornograghy front.

    Of course, the elect (eklektos) have NO judgement upon them, since Christ substitutively/propitiatingly stood in their place, bearing their judgement, and satisfying God the Father's justice.

    ...jesse ( )

    1. Certainly correct Jesse. Thank you for your comment and it is good for an American to see this fact. Bless you and stay faithful amidst the modern day Sodam and Gomorrah. David