Wednesday, 24 November 2010



Some may know that we have courses of Biblical Theological Studies, that are entirely FREE to anyone who reads English. We are now making the lessons available to anyone who would like to do the course work, without any pressure and without any time frame. Anyone can study the lessons and can recieve a Diploma after they have completed the course work and written a thesis on what has impacted them about the Course.

The whole reason for this, is that Christians can get fed with the 'meat in due season' instead of the empty mush that is taught in many Churches and so called Biblical training centres.

The courses are written by Doctors of Theology from New Zealand and Australia and are very well researched and written. We will be posting an Enrollment form soon on the site, so that people who are serious about aloting the time to study the material can download the lessons at their own pace.

We will be adding lessons every few days. The course is written in a way, that does not support either Calvinism or Armenianism. We also believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for our day, so the Course explains the Biblical answer to this often refuted teaching.

We also support Israel within the Course as God's Covenant people and do not accept replacement theology, which is a Devil inspired teaching that is intended to cause misery and extinction to Christ's literal brothers.

We also believe in the Rapture of the Church and that is also taught within this Course.

The link to the College blog is

May you be blessed

Pastor David

Saturday, 13 November 2010


A few days ago, a poster on a forum I am subscribed to christian exjws asked a very valid question about the Sonship of Jesus Christ. The verse in Colossians 1:15 where the JWs try to prove that Jesus Christ is the firstborn of ALL creation. The NKJV, KJV and NIV render this verse as HE is the "firstborn over all creation"

So a number of exJWs and others believe that this verse is showing that the Lord Jesus Christ is the firstborn OF all creation, instead of firstborn OVER all creation.

So last night in an in depth study we had with Peter Sozou our fellow worker in Ministry, we explored various texts to try and find out what the scriptures are telling us about the "firstborn" or "only begotten Son" We looked at a few verses, but John 3:16 and this one in Colossians seemed to be awkward to explain to a JW or other Unitarian.

When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, he told him that he needed to be Born Again. In those days a man went through 7 various births. Obviously his birth as a baby, but up till the age of 30 another 6 births. So Nicodemus wanted to know what Jesus meant.

Jesus pre human existance is explained in John 1:1 where we are informed that in the beginning wa sthe WORD (Logos) and the WORD was WITH God and the WORD was God. This shows that the WORD was within the Godhead at that time and proceeded forth when creation took place as the WORD is the creator.

When sin entered the world through Adams disobedience, a redeemer was needed and the WORD later became that redeemer by becoming a Man by natural birth by means of the Holy Spirit transferring him to the womb of Mary.

That is when the WORD became flesh or the Only Begotten Son of God. Paul wrote in Colossians that the Son is the image of the Invisible God and that he did the creating.

As we progressed through our study, Christine found the verse in Revelation 1:5 tells us that the risen Lord Jesus Christ is the "Firstborn from the DEAD", so now it all makes sense. As a man born from a Virgin Jewish Girl he is the "Only Begotten Son of God" but later he is called the "Firstborn Son" in Colossians 1 and in other verses such as Romans 8:29 and even verse 18 of Colossians 1, where he is also called the firstborn from the dead.

Jesus Christ opened up the way, by becoming the firstborn of the dead for all of those who calls his Sons and Daughters to be reborn with him into his death and life.

This is now an incredible Revelation to me and should be a superb teaching point to JWs and others who do not accept the true Divinity of our Lord and Saviour.

Many Blessings

Pastor David

Sunday, 7 November 2010


On the 26th October Christine and I along with Peter Sosou a brother who is connected to this Ministry flew to Turkey for a 3 night Christian Hospitality Network Getaway break. It was held in The hotel Korumar at Kusadasi, Turkey.

Our good friends Stathis & Carolynn and their daughter Emily who lives in Athens Greece also flew there from a different route.

We flew from the Northern Cypriot Airport called Ercan. The flight was good and actually arrived early. We attended along with many other missionaries who work in surrounding countries. We had Doctors laid on a Chiropractor and foot massage practitioners.

It was a pleasure to be with these loving people.

The talks each night were especially for us, or so they seemed.

We also had a free trip to Ephesus laid on and Peter Sosou, Carolynn, Stathis and me went along. Christine did not bother as it looked like rain and she is not that interested in ancient ruins.

It was great to see where the Apostle Paul walked and witnessed to the Ephesians. We saw the large Theatre where Paul wanted to Preach.

Many Blessings

Pastor David

Here as some Pictures.