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For many years we have used Natural means of healing as far as we can. We try to be careful about what we eat and drink. We do not smoke, we drink very little alcohol and use Herbs and other natural remedies rather than Drugs.

When we went to Turkey for our Getaway trip in October organised by an American group of Christians, we had the free use of Doctors, Chiropracters and foot massagers.

I had my blood pressure taken and was rather shocked to that see it was quite elevated. My BP has been fairly steady for many years.

Rather than take a pill to reduce the BP, I began researching the net for Natural products to help lower it. I purchased a unit called a Resperate, which helps slow down the breathing. Christine also got me on the best available herbs she knows to lower the BP.

Since October I have been doing these things and yet my BP is still around the same as it was in Turkey. As we were talking about it on Thursday, Chris had a revelation that it could be some kind of metal, such as lead or similar as as she knows all about Heavy Metals and what they can cause.

We have been very mindful over the years about the dangers of Amalgum in the teeth and also FLOURIDE used in toothpaste.

Both Mercury and flouride are deadly poisons. So we have used a toothpaste called Kingfisher brand that is claimed to be safe and uncontaminated.

When we were in the UK a friend purchased 4 tubes for us, but they contained flouride. We normally always use the non flouride version. However we decided to use it up and when its gone, get the other one.

But as Chris was determined to get to the bottom of my elevated BP, she did some searches and found the terrible truth about deadly FLOURIDE and its effects on the human body over time.

Fluoride is an interesting molecule. In the second world war Hitler wanted to put fluoride in the water of the occupied countries in order to make people MORE DOCILE. Thats why fluoride is also a component of many tranquilizers.

In Germany the addition of fluoride to the drinking water is considered unvoluntary medication. In many european countries no fluoride is added to the drinking water. In the Netherlands they give children fluoride pills instead. In the US almost all the drinking water contains fluoride. Its for maintaining good teeth says the goverment. This is garbage, because in europe, where there is no fluoride in drinking water, peoples teeth are as healthy as in the US. In the UK and especially the Midlands where we lived for 20 years they use the highest quanitity of flouride in the public water system

The real reason to add fluoride to the drinking water is reducing peoples IQ and to make them more docile. NEW WORLD ORDER tactics.

Fluoride accumulates in calcified tissues. One of these tissues is in our brains. In Britain they found very high levels in the tissue of people who had died. Some people say that exposure to fluoride is linked to Alzheimers disease. Some time ago they did an interesting experiment in a US town. Half of the town got fluoride in the water. The other half got normal unpoisend water. They found that woman living in the side of the town with fluoride in the water got their period earlier. Probably this has something to do with the organ in the brain in which fluoride accumulates.

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix became well known in the field of neurotoxicology when she developed a new, more accurate system of analyzing chemicals effects on the brain and central nervous system. The new technology was called the Computer Pattern Recognition System.

She received funding from a variety of high profile sources, and consulted with Exxon, Mobil, 3M, DuPont and others in her early career. She was very well received until she began to investigate the effects of fluoride on the central nervous system. Ultimately, her career was destroyed because of her investigation.

This presentation by Mullenix at Clark University in 1996 was done two years after she was fired from her toxicology position at Forsyth Dental Center. Mullenix covers vital information regarding secrecy surrounding Fluoride and the Manhattan Project and much more. For more information be sure to check out Christopher Bryson’s book The Fluoride Deception.

A vital piece of information that Mullenix covers is a communication that took place between Harold Hodge (head toxicologist for the Manhattan Project) and Lt. Col. Rhodes on May 1, 1946. Hodge writes in the letter, in which he uses “F” to abbreviate Fluoride,

The above site gives proof of all the detrimental cases of flouride poisoning.

Christine went on to find that it also causes Kidney Disease and is also implicated in many heart conditions as well. Our studies are ongoing, but I felt it wise to warn all those who visit the blog.

Satan is a destroyer and he uses the powers of darkness to pollute us and to get rid of us.

Keep awake and stop using the Colgate, Mouthwashes and any product containing FLOURIDE and get a water filter for your tap water.

Blessings as always

Pastor David

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